Great Barred Frog

The Great Barred Frog (Mixophyes fasciolatus) is a species of ground-dwelling frog found in Australia. It inhabits rainforests, Antarctic beech forests or wet sclerophyll forests. This frog breeds in both streams and ponds and calls from the surrounding land. Though a ground-dwelling species, it is most often found near running water where, when threatened, can easily escape by jumping into the water and swimming away.

The Great Barred Frog reaches a size of 3.15 inches, and has large, powerful legs. It has a dark brown dorsal surface, and a white ventral surface. The thighs are yellow blotched with black, and it has parallel black bars along the legs. Its feet are fully webbed, and hands completely un-webbed. Its eyes are on top of the head. The mating call is a very loud “wark-wark-wark” which is occasionally followed by a softer “bwak-bwak”.

The male and female Great Barred Frog will enter the water and mate. After laying the eggs, the female will flick them onto the bank for development. The eggs will then be washed into the stream or pond after the first rain, and hatch into tadpoles.