Grey-headed Lovebird, Agapornis cana

The Grey-headed Lovebird (Agapornis cana) also known as the Madagascar Lovebird, is a species of parrot that is native to the island of Madagascar and the only lovebird that is not native to the African continent.

This mainly green parrot is about 5 inches long and weighs about 1.25 ounces. Sexes are similar in this species. The female is entirely green, with a dark green back and wings, a bright green rump, and a pale green chest. The male differs in that it has a pale gray upper chest and head. Both sexes have pale gray beak and feet.

The Gray-headed Lovebird is a strong flier. It has large wings and can reach a good speed quickly and with little effort. It also has smooth turns. The typical breeding season is autumn, and because it has a little tolerance for cold weather, it usually makes a poor captive breeder. For this reason, it is not usually seen in the bird trade. It is also a shy and nervous bird and is easily frightened. The Gray-headed Lovebird prefers finch and canary seeds over the sunflower and safflower mixes that most other lovebirds enjoy.

Image Caption: A pair of Grey-headed Lovebirds. Credit: Frank Vassen/Wikipedia (CC Attribution 2.0)