The Grootslang is a legendary creature said to inhabit a cave in Richtersveld, South Africa, as well as warm freshwater rivers and swamps. The name Grootslang loosely translates to “big snake.”

The legend of the Grootslang tells that the creature has been around since the world began. Allegedly the creature was a mistake that the Gods created. Upon realizing what they had done, the Gods split the Grootslang into two creatures. The first elephants and the first snakes.

However, one Grootslang escaped and now Grootslang descendants live in a cave known as the “Wonder Hole” or the “Bottomless Pit.” This cave is said to connect to the sea some 40 miles away and is filled with diamonds.

In Benin, the legend says it is a large elephant-like creature with a serpent’s tail.

Another part of the legend states that Grootslang converts gems and even though they are vicious creatures, they can be persuaded to release their victims in exchange for enough precious gems to satisfy them.

In 1917, a businessman named Peter Grayson and his group was attacked and injured by lions. Peter disappeared, and the Grootslang was blamed for killing him.

In the series “The Secret Saturdays,” a Grootslang was featured in the episode “Something in the Water.” It was portrayed as a green-skinned elephant with four tusks, ram-like horns and a spiked serpent’s tail.

Image Caption: Artist rendition of a Grootslang or Grote Slang (in Afrikaans) a mythical creature from South Africa. This was sculpted in 3D application Zbrush by guatemalan artist Jeff McArthur. Credit: Jeff MacArthur/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)