Hairy Water Lily, Nymphaea pubescens

Nymphaea pubescens is an aquatic water lily species. The plant may also be referred to as the Hairy water lily of the Pink water lily. N. pubescens can be found throughout Asia and in northeastern Australia.

N. pubescens plants are bottom rooted and grow to the water’s surface. Its leaves float on the water and typically grow between 5.9 to 10.2 inches. The undersides of the plant’s leaves and its stems have a fuzzy texture. Its flowers rest on the center of the leaves pad and will open and close with the daylight and nighttime hours. Flowers coloration ranges from white, pink, mauve and purple.

The species grows in shallow lakes and ponds. Nymphaea pubescens ranges specifically throughout Bangladesh, Republic of India, Sri Lanka, Yunnan, Taiwan, Phillippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Papua New Guinea and Australia’s ponds and lakes may contain the species, as well.

Image Caption: Hairy water lily (Nymphaea pubescens). Credit: Bernard Loison/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)