Halloween Pennant, Celithemis eponina

The Halloween pennant (Celithemis eponina) is a species of dragonfly that can be found in North America. Its range includes eastern and central areas of North America, where it emerges at different times during the year. In northern areas of its range, it can be seen between the months of June to August, but in other areas of its range, like Florida, it can be seen throughout the year. Its range also includes areas just south of Canada and New Mexico. It can be found in marshy habitats around lakes.

The Halloween pennant reaches an average body length of 1.5 inches and has been compared to a butterfly in appearance, with yellowish-orange wings that hold brown markings. These markings have given the species its common name. Adult males sometimes hold pale red markings on their face, which females occasionally hold as well. Young individuals hold yellow markings and a black stripe along the back.

The Halloween pennant consumes other insects and is such a skilled flyer that it can remain stable during rainy weather. When weather is hot, this species can be seen shading itself with its wings. Mating occurs during the morning hours, after which females will lay their eggs with males still attached. Eggs are laid in the water, as is typical to dragonfly species.

Image Caption: Celithemis eponina (Halloween Pennant). Credit: Cary Bass/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)