Himalayan Mayapple, Podophyllum hexandrum

Podophyllum hexandrum is a plant species belonging to the Berberidaceae family. The species may also be referred to as the Himalayan mayapple or the Indian mayapple. Podophyllum hexandrum are native to the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. This particular plant species flourishes at lower elevations.

Podophyllum hexandrum is a low growing plant. Its leaves may be described as drooping and lobed and they appear glossy and green in coloration. The Podophyllum hexandrum plant produces a pale pink flower with a bright reddish/orange fruit. The plant is used decoratively in gardens and can be grown from seeds or by dividing the rhizome.

The Podophyllum hexandrum can survive the cold temperatures in the mountains, although it needs a moist environment. Dry conditions are detrimental to the species survival.
Podophyllum hexandrum is considered a poisonous plant. There have been medicinal uses for the plant’s resin that gets extracted from its rhizome.

Image Caption: Himalayan mayapple (Podophyllum hexandrum). Credit: Pekaje/Wikipedia (public domain)