The Hovawart is a German guard dog which originated in the Black Forest region during medieval times. One of the first documentations of a Hovawart involved the dog saving the the son of a Lord from a besieged castle. The breed has long been held in the same esteem as hunting dogs. Eventually, the German Shepherd’s popularity as a guard dog threatened the Hovawart’s existence. In the early 1900s some Hovawart enthusiasts began a breeding program to restore the breed; this effort was almost undone during WWII, but another breeding program was begun and the breed lives on.

The Hovawart is medium sized dog. It can weigh 55 to 90 pounds and stand 24 to 27 inches tall. Its coat is typically black and gold, but it can also be solid black or blond.

The breed can be reserved toward strangers, allowing it to be an excellent guard dog, yet it is completely comfortable with and devoted to its family. The breed excels when it is put to work and regularly active. The Hovawart does well with search and rescue work, as well as tracking and agility. The Hovawart works well with a trainer who has a firm hand, a positive method, and is willing to work side by side with the dog.

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