The IdeaPad is a line of laptop computers from Lenovo, first released in 2008 with three models the Y710, Y510 and U110. Since the original release, six other models have been developed — the G series, S series, V series, Y series, U series, and Z series. IdeaPad also produced a tablet and depending on the model, either the Android or Windows 7 operating system is used. The K1 and A1 use Android, and the P1 uses Windows 7.

The S series was released in China in September 2008 and in the US in October 2008, along with the S10, and S10e. The display was a 10.2 inch touchscreen, with an 80 or 160 GB hard drive and 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM with both being upgradeable. In May 2009 the S10-2 was released with an added USB port, an enlarged keyboard and touchpad. In 2011 available models included the S10-3, S10-3t netbook, and the S205.

The Y series released in 2008 was the Y710 with a 17 inch screen and the Y510 with a 15 inch screen. This series of laptops were considered gaming laptops because of their hardware. Following the release of the first two models 13 other models became available, six in the Y400 line and 7 in the Y500 line. The Y series had an ultrabay slot used for switching hard drives, except the Y580 model which had a more powerful GPU.

The U series has seven models, the U110 with an 11.1 inch screen, which featured closely set keys on the glossy keyboard, and a red lid with a flowered pattern. Other models were a U260, U460, U150, U350, U450, and a U300 was a notebook computer.

The Z series were designed for beginner users, available models, the Z360 with a 13 inch screen, Z460 a 14 inch and the Z560 with a 15 inch screen. In 2011, released models using the Intel Sandy Bridge processor were the Z370, Z470, and the Z570. The Z575 uses a AMD Llano APU processor.

A current S series models is the S10-3s which is a slimmer version of the S10-3. It has a choice of four different processors, Windows 7 starter, home basic, or XP operating system. This model is available in limited quantities.

Image Caption: Lenovo IdeaPad model S10. Credit: Rico Shen/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0, 2.5, 2.0 and 1.0)