IEEE Micro

IEEE Micro is a bimonthly-published broad-based practitioner-oriented magazine of the IEEE Computer Society. Established in 1980, IEEE Micro targets small system and semiconductor chip professionals, including electronic engineers, designers, architects, developers, process improvement experts, testers, quality engineers, and project managers. It features peer-reviewed articles, special focus sections, regular columns by prominent authors, technology news, experience reports, and opinion pieces.

A number of topics are also covered in IEEE Micro, including integrated circuit processes and practices, project management, development tools and infrastructure, as well as chip design and architecture, empirical evaluations of small system and IC technologies and techniques, human and social aspects of system development. IEEE Micro also regularly contains columns devoted to legal developments relating to software and electronic systems (Micro Law), to standardization (Micro Standards), and to economics issues affecting the electronics industry (Micro Economics).

The following is a list of editors-in-chief who have worked for IEEE Micro: Richard C. Jaeger (1980-1982); Peter Rony and Tom Cain (1983-1984); James J. Farrell III (1985-1987); Joe Hootman (1987-1990); Dante Del Corso (1991-1994); Steve Diamond (1995-1998); Ken Sakamura (1999-2001); Pradip Bose (2003-2006); David H. Albonesi (2007-2010); Erik R. Altman (2011-Present).

Past editors-in-chief Albonesi (Cornell University) and Bose (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center) currently sit, among others, on IEEE Micro’s advisory board.

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