Inchman, Myrmecia forficate

The inchman (Myrmecia forficate) is a species of bull ant that can be found in Australia, in a range that includes Tasmania and possibly southeastern areas of Australia. This species is gregarious, living in colonies like most other ant species, but it forages for food alone. Nests often go unseen and are typically found under rocks.  It reaches an average body length of up to one inch long, the trait from which it received its common name.

The inchman is both a scavenger and a carnivore and it is the most poisonous species within its genus. When this species stings, it is similar the sting of a wasp or fire ant, causing anaphylaxis, which kills its prey. The first symptoms of a sting from this species include swelling and fever, with three percent of cases reporting anaphylaxis.

Image Caption: Inchman (Myrmecia forficata) feeding on a flowering Corymbia ficifolia, Austins Ferry, Tasmania, Australia. Credit: JJ Harrison/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)