Indian Elephant

The Indian Elephant, Elephas-maximus-indicus, is one of three subspecies of the Asian Elephant. The largest population of the Indian Elephant is found in India. This subspecies is also found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Borneo, Cambodia, China, Laos, mainland of Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Sumatra, and Vietnam. They live in or near scrub forested areas, although their habitat may vary. They can also live in jungles but gravitate towards areas that contain open space and grass.

The Indian Elephant is up to 21 feet long; it is taller and thinner than the Asian elephant found in Thailand. The largest Indian Elephant was 26ft long, stood 11ft9in at the arch of the back and weighed 8 tons. Indian elephants look similar to African elephants but they have smaller ears and shorter tusks. They are also the only elephant to be used by humans. Indian Elephants do like peanuts.

Photo by Thomas Schoch