Indianmeal Moth

The Plodia interpunctella or Indianmeal moth is a member of the Pyralidae family and occasionally referred to as the North American High-Flyer. The larvae are also called waxworms that feed on dry grains and cereals.

The females of the species can lay any where from 60 to 400 eggs in her lifetime. She will do so where there is a good food supply for the larvae. Each egg is less than 0.02 inches in diameter and tends not adhere well to the surface on which it is laid. The eggs will hatch in 2 to 14 days and cream colored larvae with brown heads will emerge. Larvae will take 2 to 41 weeks to mature and reach an average length of half an inch.

Adult moths are less than half an inch in length with an average wingspan of three quarters of an inch. They feature multi-colored wings usually bronze or dark grey on the outer area and pale yellow on the interior. A dark ring divides the two areas. Their total lifespan ranges from 1 to 10 months.