Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (I&EC Research) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published since 1909. It was published under Industrial & Engineering Chemistry until 1970, when Research was added to the title. The journal was edited by Milton C. Whitaker from 1911-1916. The journal’s current editor-in-chief is Professor Donald R. Paul.

For industrial chemists and chemical engineers, this journal is the reliable and current source of new fundamental research, design methods, process design and development, and product research and development. The journal contains original studies in the areas of Applied Chemistry, Kinetics, Catalysis, Reaction Engineering, Materials and Interfaces, Process, Design and Control, Separations, and General Research.

This journal is indexed in the following databases: Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Scopus, EBSCOhost, Thomson-Gale (Gale Group), Proquest, British Library, Ovid, Web of Science, and SwetsWise.

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