Industrias Kaiser Argentina

Industrias Kaiser Argentina S.A (IKA) was a car manufacturer in Cordoba Province, Argentina that was established in 1956.

On January 19, 1955, the Argentina government signed an agreement with Kaiser Motors of the United States to manufacture vehicles in Argentina. Kaiser shipped 1,021 complete vehicles as well as automobile manufacturing equipment to them and a new plant was built.

IKA’s first Jeep was driven out of the plant on April 27, 1956. Various Willys Jeep models were the initial vehicles produced, but under a different name. The Willys Jeep Truck is now the IKA Baqueano, the Jeep Wagon is now the IKA Estanciera, and a panel delivery version is now known as the IKA Utilitario.

In 1958, IKA produced 22,612 vehicles, which was 81 percent of all vehicles made in Argentina. In 1959, the company became IKA Renault from an agreement to produce Renault cars.

During the 1960s, several new vehicles were produced. The Alfa Romeo 1900 was discontinued by Romeo; however, they sold the body molds to IKA and the IKA Bergantin was produced.

In 1962, IKA formed another partnership with American Motors Corporation (AMC) and began to produce Rambler models. Peak production was in 1965 with a total of 55,269 vehicles manufactured.

By 1966, IKA was producing four Renault models, six utility models, four AMC models and the IKA Torino.

In 1967 Renault assumed control of IKA and changed its name to IKA Renault S.A..

In 1970, Kaiser sold its share to Renault and in 1975 the company changed its name to Renault Argentina S.A. From 1970 to present only Renault models were manufactured.

Image Caption: IKA Estanciera. Credit: Mrexcel/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.0)