Istarski Oštrodlaki Gonič

The Istarski Oštrodlaki Gonič is a scent hound used primarily for that purpose. It was developed in Croatia during the 1800s for hunting rabbit and fox, and is still used today to hunt those animals as well as hare and wild boar. The Istarski Oštrodlaki Gonič is a cross between the Griffon Vendeén with another smooth haired hound.

The Istarski Oštrodlaki Gonič can stand 17 to 23 inches tall, and its weight can range from 25 to 56 pounds. The breed has a rough, wiry, weather-resistant coat. The undercoat is wooly, and the topcoat is fairly long and white with orange or yellow markings, which are typically on its broad, flat ears.

The Istarski Oštrodlaki Gonič is a stubborn, willful breed. It can be a challenge to train as a companion, but makes an excellent hunting partner.

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