Italian Trotter

The Italian Trotter is a breed of horse developed specifically for harness racing in Italy. Thoroughbred stallions were crossed with French Trotters, Russian Trotters and American Standardbred mares over the last 100 years to develop the Italian trotters of today.  This was done to blend speed with stamina, resulting in a physically strong and fast horse.

The Italian Trotter stands up to 68 inches high and is very athletic. The most famous Italian Trotter was named Varenne, who held the speed world record for a little while and won 62 of the 73 races he competed in. The bloodline of Varenne is 95.57 percent standard bred and 4.43 percent French trotter.

Two more Italian Trotters who are legendary, were Tornese who won 147 races in the 1950s and a fierce competitor Crevalcore.

Image Caption: Italian Trotter, Varenne. Credit: Unknown/Wikipedia (public domain)