Ivory Gull

The Ivory Gull (Pagophila eburnea) is a species of bird that breeds in the high arctic and typically found through Greenland, northernmost North America, and Eurasia. It is a short distance migratory species with most of the population wintering further south at the edge of the pack ice. Some birds may winter in more temperate regions.

The adult is 17 inches in length. It is more pigeon-like in shape rather than typical gulls. It has completely white plumage. The thick bill is blue with a yellow tip. The legs are black. The young have a dusky face and variable amounts of black flecking in the wings and tail. Immatures take two years to gain the adult plumage. The call is a harsh eeeer.

The breeding habitat is Arctic coasts and cliffs. The female lays one to three olive eggs in a ground nest that is lined with moss, lichens, or seaweed. The diet consists of fish and crustaceans. It will also scavenge for food and may be seen on seal or porpoise carcasses. It will follow polar bears and other predators to feed on the remains of their kills.