The Jagdterrier or the German Hunt Terrier is a working breed used in both above and underground hunting. The breed originated in Germany and was used primarily for hunting badgers, fox, raccoons, wild boar and rabbits. Lutz Heck, a German, and curator of the Berlin Zoo first bred the dog between the two world wars due to his nationalism, passion for hunting, fascination for terriers, and interest in genetic engineering. His creation began with the Patterdale Terrier bred with the Fox Terrier, and eventually became what the Jagdterrier is today. The breed made its first U.S. appearance in the 1950s. The Jagdterrier never did exceptionally well in America; there are many better American fox hunting breeds and they are now generally too large to work underground.

The Jagdterrier stands 13 to 16 inches high and weighs from 19 to 22 pounds. The breed is generally black with brown or tan markings on the muzzle and stomach. It can also be brown with white markings and a brown muzzle. The coat of the breed can be wiry or smooth, but is generally “slape coated”; its coat is short, hard, wiry, and weather resistant. The tail of the breed is normally docked.

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