January 2012- March 2012 La-Nina Impacts on Austin TX Climate

January 2012- Normal temperatures for the month are usually around 40-60F.

January 2012- March 2012 El-Nino Impacts To Austin Texas

January 2012
Normal temps occurred around 42% of the month, while below normal temps occurred 10% of the month and above average temps occurred around 48% of the month. This shows that during the month of January this year temps were normal to above normal which is common during a La-Nina phase of the atmosphere. The month of January usually sees 2-4inches of monthly precipitation. This January had 2.92in which is right in the average. The key to the precipitation was that most of it fell during one t-storm event leading to an overall dry month outside of the one t-storm.

February 2012
The average temps range from 40-60F for the month of February. This year the temps were normal 40% of the time, above normal 50% of the time and below normal 10% of the time. The normal precipitation for February is around 2-4 inches. During this February the recorded amount was 3.06in which puts the precipitation around normal.

March 2012
During the month of March the average temps usually increase to around 50-70F. This year the temps were above normal 55% of the month, normal for 34% of the month and below normal for 11% of the month. The precipitation normally is around 2-4 inches. However, this March the precipitation was around 5.47in which marks the month as above normal.

To best summarize these three months of La-Nina impacts, it was noted that most of the precipitation occurred during single t-storm events which indicates that stronger t-storms do occur during La-Nina and temperatures are above normal.