Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a small spaniel and the breed of Japanese royalty. They originated in the Sichuan Province of China. The breed was made famous in England and America during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Japanese Chin weighs 4 to 15 pounds and stands 8 to 11 inches high. It has an oriental, flattened face and large, wide-set eyes. The coat of the breed is long and silky and can be black and white, lemon and white, red and white, or, rarely, black and white with tan points. It also has a feathered tail which curls over its back. Their forehead is often furnished with a black spot known as “Buddha’s Thumbprint”.

The Japanese Chin is not incredibly active, and is very much a lap dog. It is often considered cat-like in attitude due to its intelligence, independence, alertness, and its method of self-cleaning by using its paws to wash its face. The breed prefers familiarity and is often distrusting or uncomfortable around new people and in new places. The breed is generally quiet, but when it does bark it is much deeper than one would expect.

The breed is somewhat high maintenance, as it needs frequent coming and brushing to keep its coat untangled. It sheds lightly year-round and blows its coat twice a year. The breed may have problems with extra facial moisture causing fungus, and may need their anal glands expressed bimonthly.

The breed has a few health problems, several due to its flattened face. The Japanese Chin may have trouble breathing or heart problems. It also has a risk of heart murmurs, luxating patellas, corneal scratches, and hypoglycemia.

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