Java Pony

The Java Pony is one of eight breeds of ponies native to Indonesia. The Java adapted well to the tropical climate. Native horses were bred with imported Arabian and Barb horses and has developed the Java into a hearty breed. They are bred privately but also may be subsidized by the state.

Because the Java is bred in this  manner, there can be a variety of differences in their characteristics around the Indonesian Islands.

The Java has a small body with a deep, wide chest and a short muscular neck. The head has long ears and attractive eyes.  The Java’s back is long with sloping shoulders and pronounced withers. The legs are poorly developed but are very strong and durable. The tail sets high and the Java stands between 45 and 50 inches tall. They can be of any color.

Although the Java does not appear similar to the Arabian, it has inherited many of its traits. It has endurance, stamina and is a very strong pony. The Java can work in extreme heat without tiring. They are mainly used as pack animals, usually pulling carts loaded with supplies and people with little effort.

Image Caption: Java pony at Mount Bromo. Credit: Kersti Nebelsiek/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)