Jupiter’s Moon Leda

Jupiter’s Moon Leda — Leda (“LEE duh”) is the ninth of Jupiter’s known satellites and the smallest.

Discovered by C. Kowal
Date of discovery 1974
Mass (kg) 5.68e+15
Mass (Earth = 1) 9.5047e-10
Equatorial radius (km) 8
Equatorial radius (Earth = 1) 1.2543e-03
Mean density (gm/cm^3) 2.7
Mean distance from Jupiter (km) 11,094,000
Rotational period (days) ?
Orbital period (days) 238.72
Mean orbital velocity (km/sec) 3.38
Orbital eccentricity 0.1476
Orbital inclination (degrees) 26.07
Escape velocity (km/sec) 0.0097
Visual geometric albedo ?
Magnitude (Vo) 20.2



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