Kaditcha is an Australian automobile manufacturer founded by Barry Lock. The company produced open-wheeled and sports car racing cars for series including Formula 500 and Australian Formula 2.

The 1980s proved to be the most successful years for their race cars. A Chevrolet-powered 5.0-L version driven by Chris Clearihan, won the 1982 Australian Sports Car Championship, with other Kaditcha cars finishing second and third in points. In 1983, another Kaditcha race car driven by Peter Hopwood became champion, and in 1984 Clearihan took over the championship 1983 car and finished second in points.

Kaditcha vehicles used a variety of engines in their race cars. Most of them used either the Chevrolet 5.0-L V-8 or the Mazda 13B rotary engine. A Kaditcha car driven by Bap Romano used the 3.0-L Cosworth V-8 developed for Formula One racing; he then switched to the 3.9-L Cosworth but now uses a 3.5-L Cosworth V-8.

An open wheeled race car, driven by Peter Larner, used a 1.6-L Ford with little success. A Kaditcha car driven by Ivan Tighe won the 1990 Australian hill climb championship using a Cosworth engine.

Image Caption: Kaditcha 76F2 open wheel racing car. Credit: Falcadore/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)