The Kanni, which means unmarried girl or maiden, is a breed of domestic dog that is native to India, specifically the Tamil Nadu region. The breed was developed from the Mudhol hound or the Caravan hound and has been used a pet. A bride’s family gave it as a dowry to a groom, and the dog was never sold, only given as a gift to those who were willing to care for it. Despite this common practice, the dog is now almost extinct and breeders have not made an effort to save it.

The Kanni reaches an average height of twenty-five inches at the withers, or shoulder blades, although females are typically smaller. It resembles a Doberman pinscher or a Saluki, although its coat is smoother, and it is typically tan and black in color with some white fur occurring on the chest and feet, but some individuals, known as Paalakanni, can be cream in color. The typical Kanni dog is shy, but it will not hesitate to protect its humans. Although it is primarily used as a companion pet, it can also be used to hunt deer. This breed is not recognized by any major kennel clubs.

Image Caption: Kanni – South Indian Hound. Credit: Futuristicpals/Wikipedia