Karelian Bear Dog

The Karelian Bear Dog is a hunting breed from Finland. The breed is commonly used for hunting large animals such as moose and elk and is capable of hunting bear and boar as well, thus its name. The breed has never been interbred with other breeds in its homeland in order to preserve its hunting instinct.

The breed stands 19 to 24 inches high and should be in fantastic physical condition. The coat of the Karelian Bear Dog is stiff and straight with a soft undercoat. The coat is predominantly black with white markings. The tail is furry and curls over the back, much like that of a spitz type breed.

The Karelian Bear Dog is fearless and loyal. The breed is brave to the extent that it can be aggressive toward anything it feels threatened by. It is an independent breed which can hunt for hours without contact with its owner. The breed is silent, yet alert when hunting. Proper socialization and training are a necessity for the breed; the Karelian Bear Dog needs a firm master. The breed is extremely social; it loves being around its family. The Karelian Bear Dog also loves being outdoors and needs plenty of exercise and activity in order to keep it from becoming destructive due to boredom.

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