Kauai Cave Wolf Spider

The Kauai Cave Wolf Spider (Adelocosa anops) is a species of spider that exists only in a few caves in a six square mile lava flow in the Koloa-Poipu region of Kauai, Hawaii. Only six populations are known to exist. It is locally known as the “Blind Wolf Spider”. This spider is very rare and since its discovery in 1971, only about 30 specimens have been recorded.

This species is totally blind, and has evolved to have no eyes. The adult is about 0.78 inches long and is reddish-brown. It is harmless to humans. The primary food source of this spider is the Kauai Cave Amphipod (Spelaeorchestia koloana). This species is almost as rare as the spider that feeds on it. The clutch is 15 to 30 eggs and the female carries the egg sac in her mouthparts until the spiderlings hatch.