Keyhole cichlid

The Keyhole cichlid, Cleithracara maronii, is a cichlid native to tropical South America, the only species in the genus Cleithracara. It is a small ovate-bodied fish. It is an omnivore, but primarily feeds on invertebrates. It is a bi-parentally custodial breeder which spawns on flattened rocks, logs or leaves.

The Keyhole cichlid can grow up to 11.81 in (30 cm) in the wild, but in an aquarium setting, they typically grow to be around 3.94 ““ 5.91 in (10-15 cm). These fish are fairly easy to care for and have a peaceful temperament. They live in the middle-bottom of the tank and are omnivorous, eating flakes and pellets as well as live and frozen foods. They are usually happiest when kept in pairs.

Photo by Bartosz Senderek