Kirk’s Dik-dik

The Kirk’s Dik-dik (Madoqua kirkii), is a small antelope found in eastern and southwestern Africa. It grows to 28 inches in length and weighs up to 15 pounds when full grown. It has a reddish-brown head and a tail that is 14-22 inches long. It has a soft, grizzled gray to brown coat. It has hooves with rubbery bottoms, which are effective when traveling over rocky terrain. Newborns are hidden for 2-3 weeks, and suckle for 3-4 months. Its diet consists of a wide range of plants.

Genetic and behavioral evidence suggests that the Kirk’s Dik-dik exhibits fidelity in monogamous behavior. Genetic analysis of offspring indicates little non-pair parentage. Year-round, Kirk’s Dik-dik maintains close within pairs, follows each-others activity patterns and spends more than half of their time with their partners, although males show no parental care.