Knabstrupper Horse

The Knabstrupper is a breed of horse from Denmark first developed in 1812. A solid colored stallion was bred with a chestnut colored mare with leopard spots. A spotted foal was produced and the same mare and her son were both bred with other horses resulting in a variety of spotted offspring, to establish the Knabstrupper breed.

A once popular breed, the Knabstrupper was bred with many other horses and there may not be any purebreds remaining. Also in 1971, three Appaloosa stallions were introduced to the Knabstrupper breed to add new blood to the line. The countries where Knabstuppers are bred today include, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and recently, Australia and New Zealand.

The horse is used in dressage, show jumping, riding, carriage pulling and as circus horses.

The average height is between 62 and 64 inches, with some pony sized at around 58 inches. The range of colors and patterns of the breed’s coat varies from a solid colors of bay or chestnut, to fully spotted.

Image Caption: Knabstrupper Horse and rider. Credit: Heinz Hackmann/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)