Kosova long-crowing rooster

The Kosova long-crowing rooster is a landrace breed of domestic chicken that developed in Kosovo. Today, it can be found in many neighboring areas including Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Sweden. It was named for its long crow, which can last twenty and forty seconds, although some cocks can crow for as long as sixty seconds.

The Kosovo long-crowing rooster varies in weight depending upon the sex, with roosters reaching a weight of up to 7.1 pounds and hens weighing up to 4.4 pounds. Both males and females are black in color, although males can sometimes have gold wing feathers, and older individuals may have white markings on the feathers. The head holds a crest of black feathers and forward leaning V-shaped comb and roosters with green feet typically crow for at least one minute. Hens do not make good sitters, but they are efficient at laying eggs, producing up to 160 eggs per year.

Image Caption: A three-day-old Kosova long-crowing rooster. Credit: zoo.kpr.eu/Wikipedia (CC BY 1.0)