Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian bobtail, also known as the Curilsk Bobtail or the Kurilean bobtail, among many other names, is a breed of domestic cat that is sometimes considered a breed group by some registries. The origin of this breed has been claimed by Kamchatka, Sakhalin Island, Russia, and Japan, but it is thought to have originated on the Kuril Islands. The first members of the breed occurred naturally on the islands as a shorthaired variant about two hundred years ago, but the modern variant has only been popular as pets and hunters since the twentieth century.

The Kurilian bobtail is stocky and short and its back holds a small arch, making it resemble a Manx cat. The fur of this breed can be short or medium in length. The short, kinked tail of this breed is thought to be the result of a mutant gene that was easily passed from generation to generation within the small range of the Kuril Islands. The preferred eye color of this species is green or yellowish green and preferred body colors can be anything excluding solid colors or Colorpoint.

Wild Kurilian cats are known for their hunting and fishing prowess, and it is thought that domestic Kurilian cats received their love of water from that ancestor. Although the Kurilian cat looks wild, it is not aggressive in nature and is known for being gentle and intelligent. This breed is recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA) as an Advanced New Breed and the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe).

Image Caption: Kurilian bobtail. Credit: Dushka/Wikipedia