Lake Van Monster

The Lake Van Monster is a legendary creature said to inhabit Lake Van in Eastern Turkey. The first reported sighting was in 1995. However, in a article from April 29, 1889, in the newspaper Saadet, a report tells of a man who was dragged into the water by a creature while he was doing wudu. After this report the Turkish Government sent a scientific survey group to the lake but no evidence was found of a creature.

An ancient engraving is said to be within a church on one of the four islands describing the creature. It says the monster is 50 feet in length, has dark skin, two small eyes located on top of its head, and sharp triangular humps on its back.

There have been hundreds of witnesses describing the creature as being prehistoric-like.

In 1997, Unal Kozak, a teaching assistant at Van University, captured the creature on video and has sent it for analysis. He also has written a book of the creature. The video is under constant scrutiny with questions. The video never pans left, the monster is moving in a straight line, and the breathing of the monster is a constant release instead of normal in and out breathing.

In Van, Turkey, a statue has been erected to honor the creature and its sightings.

Skeptics claim that such a hoax was meant to bring tourism to the area.

The Van Lake Monster has been featured on a few TV series. On the Secret Saturdays episode, “The Unblinking Eye”, an Australian TV series Animal X Classic Series episode #3, and the team of Destination Truth investigated the Van Lake Monster on season 3, episode 305.

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