Large Spotted Genet

The large spotted genet (Genetta tigrina), also known as the blotched genet, is a carnivore mammal, related to linsangs and civets. It can be found in Africa from Senegal to Somalia, and south to Namibia and South Africa. It is absent from the continent’s southwestern arid zones. Like other genets, it is nocturnal and arboreal.

Similar in appearance to the common genet, the large spotted genet has yellowish-grey fur with rust-colored and black rosettes. It has a black and white tail. Individuals from drier areas of South Africa tend to have lighter colors and less stark patterns, while the opposite is the case in moister areas. Melanistic individuals are not unknown.

Its diet is varied, and includes rodents, birds, reptiles, fruit, and invertebrates. Like all viverrids, it has strong scent glands that it uses to mark its territory.

The large spotted genet is one of the species of genet kept as exotic pets, in the U.S.A. and elsewhere.