Leatherjacket Fish

The Leatherjacket Fish (Oligoplites saurus) also known as the Skipjack or Leather Jack, is a species of fish in the Carangidae family. Leather Jack may refer to other fish as well and is loosely used here. This fish inhabits shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and southern Atlantic coast.

The Leatherjacket Fish is seldom larger than 12 inches, although there have been reports of such specimens growing longer. The body is slender and compressed. It has a pointed head and large jaws for its size. The leathery skin is green above and silvery on the sides. The dorsal and anal fins have sharp spines that are capable of causing painful puncture wounds.

It is a carnivorous species and has an insatiable appetite for small fish and shrimp. It will often feed in the company of other larger predators. Though the leatherjacket fish is edible, it is rarely eaten. It has a mild, oily taste similar to Spanish mackerel or bluefish.

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