Little Raven

The Little Raven (Corvus mellori) was only separated in 1967 from the Australian Raven (C. coronoides) as a distinct species. The most significant difference is its voice. On average it is slightly smaller than the Australian Raven (48-50 cm in length), though sizes do overlap between both species. This bird is more sociable by comparison, often forming large flocks that roam freely over wide areas in search of food.

The Little Raven ranges over southeastern Australia from southern South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, and prefers scrub, agricultural areas and grazing pasture.

It tends to take more vegetable matter than C. coronoides and feeds mainly on the ground. It is probably omnivorous to a similar extent to other Corvus species when opportunity arises.

Little Ravens often nest in loose colonies of up to fifteen pairs. They have been recorded as having several nests within the nesting territory of a single Australian Raven which, presumably due to different food preferences, does not seem to consider them a threat to its own food resources.

Its call is a guttural “kar-kar-kar-kar” or “ark-ark-ark-ark”.