Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is a cryptid, believed to inhabit the swamplands of Lee County, South Carolina, as well as the sewers and abandoned subways in the surrounding towns.

It is described as a reptilian humanoid around seven feet tall. It is muscular, covered with dark hair and his feet, hands, and face has scaly lizard-like skin. It has three toes on each foot and three fingers on each hand. It is considered to be extremely strong and may have a spiked tail.

The first reported sighting of the creature was on June 29, 1988 at 2 AM. Christopher Davis, a 17 year old was driving home from work and a tire blew out on his vehicle. While he was changing the tire he heard a thumping noise. When he turned he saw the creature running towards him.

Davis jumped into the car and locked the doors. The creature then jumped on the roof of the vehicle as Davis sped off. He swerved side to side trying to throw the creature off.

There were scratch marks found on the car’s roof and the side view mirror was damaged. No other evidence was found. In the following month several other reported events occurred. Sightings of a large lizard like creature and scratches and bite marks were found on cars parked near the swamp.

Local officials stated that the attacks were most likely a bear. Two weeks after the Davis attack, the sheriff’s office made plaster casts of apparent three toed footprints that were around 14 inches long. These casts were not sent for analysis after biologist stated they were unclassifiable.

Johnny Evans, a South Carolina Marine Resources Department spokesperson believed the tracks did not match the footprints of any known animal. He also dismissed that it could be a form of mutated animal.

WCOS, a nearby radio station offered a $1 million reward for the live capture of the creature. But, sightings declined with the last credible one in July of 1988.

On August 5, 1988, an airman, Kenneth Orr, stationed at Shaw Air Force Base, filed a report saying he encountered the Lizard Man on highway 15, shot and wounded it. He handed over several scales and a small amount of blood, however two days later he retracted his report and was charged with unlawfully carrying a pistol and filing a false police report. He stated he invented the sighting to keep the story of the Lizard Man alive.

Several other incidents have surfaced since the original sighting:

In 2004, the creature reportedly attacked a young girl walking by the swamp and tried to pull her in.

In October 2005 a woman reported she saw two creatures resembling the Lizard Man outside her home.

In February 2008 a couple reported damage to their vehicle with traces of blood. Locals believed it was the return of the Lizard Man. But with further analysis, the blood was from a domestic dog.

In 2010, Destination Truth investigated the Lizard Man claims. They found a footprint in the swampland, but determined it was a hoax and noted that the Lizard Man was a fabrication.

In 2011, another couple reported damage to their car from something tall. According to the former sheriff, the damage was similar to earlier encounters.

The Lee County Chamber of Commerce hosts a Lizard Man 5k run and “Lizard Man” and “Lizard Patrol” shirts.

Image Caption: A section of Scape Ore Swamp in Lee County, South Carolina. Credit: USGS/Wikipedia