Lloyd, German Automobiles

The North German Automobile and Engine company was founded in 1908 as a German brand of vehicle owned by Norddeutsche Lloyd, a shipping company. It was located in Bremen and the vehicles produced were branded with the Lloyd name.

The first cars produced were license-built Krieger electric vehicles with a few petrol-powered vehicles as well. In 1914 they merged with Hansa and became Hansa-Lloyd Werke AG.

Most of the vehicles produced had the Hansa name. The Hansa-Lloyd name was on commercial vehicles only. In 1929, Hansa was purchased by Carl F. W. Borgward and the production of vehicles ceased.

In 1950, the Lloyd name emerged with the mass-production of cars and light trucks under the name Lloyd Motoren Werke GmbH. The first vehicle, the Lloyd 300’s body was made with wood and fabric. A saying was associated with the 300, “he who is not afraid of death, drives a Lloyd.”

By 1954, steel-bodied Lloyd vehicles were produced with the name Lloyd 400.

Lloyd built a model, the Lloyd 250, with only an 11 hp, 250 cc engine, made for older drivers who could operate it after passing a new driving exam for vehicles with an engine displacement over 250 cc.

The Lloyd vehicles were made small and inexpensive for post-war Germany. They were third in licensing for several years; only Volkswagen and Opel vehicles were licensed more.

Despite the popularity of the Lloyd vehicles, the company ceased production in 1963.

Variations of seven different models were produced by Lloyd:

The LK and LT models were vans and pickups; the LC and LP models were coupes and convertibles; the LP models were sedans (saloon).

The Lloyd LP 250 and 250 V were produced with two-cylinder, two-stroke engines. The Lloyd LP 300, LS 300, LK 300 and LC 300 were produced with two-cylinder, two-stroke engines. The Lloyd LP 400, LS 400, LK 400 and LC 400 were produced with two-cylinder, two-stroke engines.

The Lloyd LT 500 had a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine. The LP 600 had a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine. The LS 600, LK 600, LT 600, LC 600, Alexander and Alexander TS were produced with two-cylinder, four-stroke engines. Lloyd Arabella and Arabella de Luxe were produced with four-cylinder, four-stroke engines.

The Lloyd 600s were produced by a joint venture between Carl Borgward and Laurence Hartnett as Lloyd-Hartnett from 1957 to 1962. Only 3,000 vehicles were produced.

Two electric van models were also produced, the Lloyd EL 1500 and 2500.

Image Caption: A Lloyd Alexander 1959. Credit: Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.0)