Long Legged Marsh Glider, Trithemis pallidinervis

The long legged marsh glider (Trithemis pallidinervis) is a species of dragonfly that can be found in India and neighboring areas. It resides in marshy and weedy areas near bodies of water like ponds, rivers and streams, where it can be seen perching on aquatic vegetation.

The long legged marsh glider varies in size depending upon the sex, with males holding an abdomen that reaches 1.2 inches in length and females holding an abdomen that reaches 1.1 inches in length. It is yellowish brown in color and has long legs that are similar to the legs of a spider, the trait from which it received its common name. The males of this species have light brown or yellowish faces and purple markings on the upper head. The eyes are reddish-brown on top and greyish-blue on the bottom. Males can vary in color from yellowish on the underside to brown, while the body of the female is primarily black. The wings of males are transparent and have amber, red, and black markings. The wings of females are slightly different, holding a reddish brown and yellow color.

The long legged marsh glider is typically active between the months of October and December, although it occurs in small numbers in other months. It is not scared of humans, so is easy to approach or photograph.

Image Caption: Beautiful yellow-ish dragonfly which is very bold and is observed to be almost always glued to its favorite perch, beside a river bank. Credit: Ashik Musicroom/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)