Macedonian Pine, Pinus peuce

Macedonian Pine (Pinus peuce) is native to Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, southwest Serbia, as well as the extreme north of Greece. This pine has been neutralized and grows in Eastern Finland.

This pine grows best at altitudes between 3,281feet and 7,218 feet with a few growing as low as 1,969 feet and as high as 7,546 feet. This pine tolerates shade as well as extreme cold, and grows in rocky soils that are acidic and poor in nutrients.

This tree grows to heights between 114.8 feet and 131.2 feet with trunk diameters up to 4.92 feet. The needles grow in bundles of five and measure 2.36 – 4.33 inches long. The cones measure 3.15 – 6.29 inches long with scales that are wide, flat, and curved downwards. The cones are green when immature and mature to yellow-brown. The seeds measure 0.23 – 0.27 inches long with a 0.78-inch wing. The wind as well as the Spotted Nutcracker disperses the seeds.

Macedonian pine has a resistance to the white pine blister rust and is used as a source to research for genetic modifications for combating the fungal disease in existing trees.

This pine is used as windbreaks as well as ornamental trees in parks and large gardens.

Image Caption: Macedonian Pine (Pinus peuce). Credit: Galliano/Wikipedia (public domain)