Madras Treeshrew (Indian Treeshrew)

The Madras Treeshrew, Anathana ellioti, also known as the Indian Treeshrew, is found in the hill forests of central and southern India. This species is named after Sir Walter Elliot of the Indian Civil Services in Madras.

This treeshrew is 6.3 to 7.3 inches long with a tail 6.5 to 7.75 inches long. It is easily separated from the squirrels in the field by the shape and color of the tail and the upward curve in which it is held when walking about. Much of its time is spent on the ground or clambering about on rocky terrain in the search of insects and seeds.

When on trees, they have the habit of climbing down the tree head first. They also have a behavior of climbing up low trunks and sliding down headfirst. This may be associated with scent marking as many of the animals in the order Scandentia have scent glands on their throat.