Mahogany Glider

The Mahogany Glider (Petaurus gracilis), which is named for its mahogany-brown color, is a highly endangered possum. They are very similar in appearance to both the smaller sized Sugar Glider and Squirrel Glider.

The Mahogany Glider is restricted to a very small area, between Ingham and Tully in North Queensland, Australia. The reason for the Mahogany Glider being one of Australia’s most threatened species is loss of habitat. About 80% of habitat having been cleared for the growing of sugar cane, pine trees and banana crops. The habitat is also cleared for cattle.

The Mahogany Glider was thought to be extinct for 108 years, until it was rediscovered in 1989.

Unfortunately, the Mahogany Glider continues to live a precarious existence. Farmers are continuing to clear the glider’s habitat for farming purposes.

The Mahogany Glider is located in N-NE Queensland, and its main predators are scrub pythons and owls.