Malabar Grouper

The Malabar Grouper (Epinephelus malabaricus), also referred to as the Estuary Cod, Greasy Cod, Spotted River Cod or Estuary Rock Cod, is an Indo-Pacific species of fish in the family Serranidae. It is found in the Red Sea, south to South Africa, as far as Southeast Australia and south Japan. It is found as deep as 200 feet, in lagoons, mangrove swamps, reefs and sand bottoms.

The Malabar Grouper is one of the largest and most common cod found in tropical estuaries and on coastal reefs. It can reach a length of over 4 feet and weigh over 330 pounds. The Malabar Grouper is olive-green with a number of brown spots randomly scattered. Younger fish have a number of wide, broken vertical bands of darker shade across their bodies, but in maturity they seem to become a uniform darker color. Young fish have numerous brown spots. The tail fin is rounded.

The Malabar Grouper is a voracious predator feeding on fish, crustaceans and occasionally cephalopods.

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