The Malbrouck (Chlorocebus cynosuros) is an East African arboreal primate belonging to the genus of green monkeys (Chlorocebus). It is one of the most common primates of Africa.

Physical characteristics

The Malbrouck is a slim, agile primate with long limbs and a long tail. The fur is grayish brown to gray. The breast and belly are white, as well as the cheeks and eyebrows. It has a bald black head. The eyes are brown. The genitals are brightly colored. The scrotum of the male is blue. The penis is red. Males are about twenty percent larger than females.

Distribution and habitat

The Malbrouck lives in a wide variety of habitats. It ranges from forests and miombo to bushland and grasslands. It is especially common in river forests. The species is found in virtually all of eastern Africa. It is found from the Great Rift Valley to the Atlantic coast and the Horn of Africa.


The Malbrouck is active during the day and lives in large groups. These groups consist of six to more than 50 animals. The number of males and females is usually about the same. Each group has its own territory. The size depends on the amount of available food. The Malbrouck has a wide range of sounds and gestures it can use to communicate with other members of a group.


The diet of this omnivorous species consists of fruit, seeds, flowers, gum, invertebrates, eggs, chicks and lizards. Vegetable food forms the largest part of the diet in most areas.