The manananggal is a mythical creature in Philippine folklore. It is similar to the western vampire in looks as well as behavior. They are said to dislike garlic and salt, also are said to avoid, light, vinegar, spices, daggers, and the tail of a stingray.

The name manananggal derives from the word tanggal which means to separate. Translation for the word manananggal is “one who separates itself.”

Most of the stories depicting the manananggal come from the province of Capiz and many locals believe the creature is real.

Descriptions of the creature tend to be a female vampire-like monster with large bat-like wings. They also are capable of separating the upper part of their body from their lower torso. The lower torso is then left vulnerable and if salt or crushed garlic is spread on it, the manananggal would not be able to rejoin and would die at sunrise.

The actions of this creature is comparable to a vampire with a slight variation. They fly around at night searching for sleeping pregnant woman to which they suck out the hearts of the fetus with their tongue. The manananggal is also claimed to drain the blood of other sleeping victims.

There have been several movies, films, and TV series featuring a manananggal.

Image Caption: Illustration of a Manananggal. Credit: Rodsan 18/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)