Mangalarga Horse

The Mangalarga is a breed of horse originating in Brazil. The horse was developed by Francisco Gabriel Junqueira on his land, by crossbreeding Royal Alter stallions with local mares.

In 1812, Junqueira began to breed Mangalarga horses with Thoroughbred, Arabian and American Saddlebred stallions. He also used one Saddlebred mare and one Lusitano stallion. The Mangalarga Marchador horse was a result of the crossbreeding.

Originally the two horses were classified as one breed, but today, there are only a few Mangalarga mares left and the Mangalarga Marchador is a completely distinct breed with different characteristics. Both breeds have their own stud book and associations.

The Mangalarga has a long muscular neck, a short but strong back, muscular hindquarters and a high set tail. The head is slightly long with alert eyes and ears. The common height for the breed is 56.8 to 60.8 inches and the coat can be chestnut, bay, gray or roan.

Image Caption: Mangalarga horse. Credit: Gilberto D Junqueira/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)