Many-spotted cat snake, Boiga multomaculata

Common names for the Boiga multomaculata include the many-spotted cat snake, the large-spotted cat snake and the marbled cat-eyed snake. A member of the colubridae family, this snake is found in a wide variety of locations throughout Asia.

Found in western Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Southern China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Singapore, the many-spotted cat snake inhabits rocky crevices and tree branches. Unlike most snakes in its genus, this species of cat snake is cathemeral, meaning it is active both during the day and at night. That said, the many-spotted cat snake is known to shy away from any disturbance and prefers to remain hiding in cracks and hollows for the most part.

The many-spotted cat snake is commonly black, grey or yellowish with large dark brown spots and blotches. Its body is long and slender and full grown adults grow to approximately 30 inches in length.

This species of cat snake shares many common traits typical of other Boigas. The Boiga multomaculata is rear-fanged and only mildly venomous. The threat to humans is minimal because of its passive, secretive nature and its size.

The many-spotted cat snake often feeds on lizards, geckos and skinks, but the snake has been known to even hunt fish while on branches over hanging a water source. Although the species is rear fanged, with constriction being its known hunting method.

Image Caption: Adult Boiga multomaculata. Credit: Gamblerboy/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)