The mapinguari or mapinguary is an ape-like cryptid said to inhabit the Amazon rainforests of Brazil and Bolivia. It is also known as the Isnashi.

Several attempts to find physical evidence that the creature exists have been conducted. Samples have been gathered, but when analyzed it was found to be from known animals and some of the castings of tracks were inconclusive.

Native folklore has described the creature as having only one eye, long claws, backward feet, a second mouth on its belly is covered in thick matted fur.

According to recent eyewitness accounts, the mapinguari is described as resembling an ape or a giant ground sloth. It has long arms and powerful claws that can tear apart palm trees. The back of the creature slopes and it stands around seven feet tall.

Legend says it is a slow creature but also very vicious. It can move quietly amongst the vegetation, has an awful stench and releases a frightful shriek. Its hide is alligator-like and arrows and bullets can not penetrate it.

The only weakness the mapinguari has is it must avoid bodies of water.

In 1937, a report claimed a mapinguari slaughtered over 100 cows and ripped out their tongues. There were no human casualties during this three week massacre of cows.

The mapinguari has been featured on several TV series and in film: in 2011 on the National Geographic Channel’s Beast Hunter, the ABC series Once Upon a Time, AdventureQuest Worlds, and in the film TMNT it was one of the 13 monsters.

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