Marine Time Tropical Air Mass

Marine time tropical air mass is made up of moist and warm conditions. The warm air from the tropics and the moisture source of the ocean create this type of air mass. This air mass is responsible for creating a very moist and uncomfortable feeling during the summer months along the Gulf Coast of the United States. This air mass is at its strongest during the summer months.

Marine time tropical air masses are also responsible for creating what is known as the land and sea breeze t-storms. These thunderstorms are noted as air mass t-storms. They occur from the daytime heating and form about 10 miles inland from the coast. They very seldom create anything more than heavy rain and strong winds along with dangerous lightning. It is not common for this type of thunderstorm to produce tornadoes. During the overnight hours these thunderstorms will shift to about 10miles off the coast.

Marine time tropical air can reach northward into the central part of the United States. However, it becomes modified as it leaves the Gulf of Mexico. This air mass brings in the really warm and unstable air that mixes together in the plains to create the severe weather outbreaks when it combines with the dry air and cold air.