McNab Shepherd

The McNab Shepherd, also called the McNab Sheepdog or McNab Herding Dog is a herding breed which originated from a Scotch Collie or a Fox Collie. It is recognized today as a working stock dog; it herds cattle, horses, sheep, and llamas. It is named for the family who developed the breed, and it shares its ancestry with the Border Collie. The McNab is not only an excellent herder, but is also a wonderful hunting companion when hunting deer, wild pig, squirrels, and rabbits.

The size of the McNab Shepherd can vary greatly. It can weigh 40 to 70 pounds and stand anywhere from 18 to 22 inches. The coat of the McNab is predominantly black with white markings on its muzzle, face, neck, chest, tail, and feet. The coat of the breed is short or smooth. Its tail-type can vary from bobbed to long and narrow. Its ears are a distinguishing feature ““ they are long and pointy and either pricked or slightly flopped. Its feet are “cat-like”, allowing it agility.

The McNab Shepherd is hard-working, well-behaved, and friendly. The breed is playful and requires plenty of room to play and a lot of activity. Like the Border Collie, the McNab is happiest with a job to do, but it is less obsessive than its counterpart. The breed commonly barks while it is herding, and is direct and forceful with its stock. The McNab Shepherd is easy to train due to its attentiveness and enjoys learning new tricks and new environments. The McNab is also known as a loyal protector.