Meadow Pipit

The Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis), also known as Titlark, is a passerine bird that can be found in much of the northern half of Europe and Asia. It is a migratory bird through most of its range and winters in southern Europe, north Africa and southern Asia. In Ireland, Great Britain, and neighboring coastal regions of western Europe it is a year-round resident. Its habitat is open cultivation, such as pasture and moorland. The Meadow Pipit is widespread and common.

It is an ordinary looking species of pipit on the ground. It is mainly brown above and yellow/tan below, with dark streaking on most of its plumage. The legs are pale pink and the bill is thin. The call is a weak “tsi-tsi”. The repetitious song is given in a short flight and accelerates toward the end.

The Meadow Pipit’s food is primarily insects with some seeds. The nest is on the ground.

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